Lets Build a Drummer

Let's Build a Drummer is designed to give a drummer the ability to think and play rhythms on the drum set.
Each section is set up in a logical progression with the purpose of the drummer's achieving success.
Suggestions in using "Let's Build a Drummer:"
1. Practice at different tempos.
2. "Play a long" with records using appropriate rhythms from "Let's Build a Drummer."
3. Don't race through the book. Take some time to absorb the rhythms as you learn them. Repetition is a valuable tool in learning.
4. Practice three to six rhythms from different sections within the same practice week. The various sections have some components in common.
5. Study with a teacher or friend that has experienced these or similar rhythms.
6. Pick out some "favorites" and incorporate them into your playing.
7. Set up a good, steady practice schedule.
8. Above all, have fun while learning.

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