The Atlanta-New York Connection is a band for all occasions. The band
plays for weddings, dances (specializing in ballroom dancing), corporate
events and family gatherings.

You can see and hear the Atlanta-New york Connection at the Northlake
Mall in Decatur,Ga on the last Tuesday of each month in the mall's food
court. The band plays for a monthly dine and dance event in the mall
from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. There is no charge for this event and all are
welcomed. The Northlake Mall is located between Northlake Parkway and
LaVista Road. Most other engagements are for the private sector or
selected ballroom dance clubs.

To check on where the band is playing you
can e-mail at 
lamattina@comcast.net or call at 770-972-4054.

The band is priced reasonably and maintains a high standard of
professionalism. The band is very experienced and well versed, playing
songs from all eras as illustrated on our sample song list.


John LaMattina: Leader, MC and drummer

Johnny Knapp: Band Director and keyboards

Don Sipos: Tenor and Soprano Sax, Flute and vocals

Sal Gentile: Guitar and vocals

Bill Fearney: Vocals

Kathy Vollmer: Vocals

680 Deer Oaks Dr. Lawrenceville, GA 30044 | Phone: 770-972-4054 | Email: lamattina@comcast.net

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