Mix 'Em Up was written in order to add variety to the drummer's "warehouse" of fills. Too often a drummer, in any type band, gets into a "rut" of playing the same fills all the time.

Mix 'Em Up allows alternative sticking patterns. This "flavors" the fills and also makes it more interesting and fun for the drummer to play.

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Warm-Up Excercises
Sticking Patterns 1 & 2
Sticking Patterns 33 & 34
Sticking Patterns 41 & 42
Sticking Patterns 55 & 56
Sticking Patterns 77 & 78


I would like to thank some very special people:
· My mother and father who are always positive and supportive.
· My sisters Fran and Angela and my brother Tom who made growing up a time filled with great memories.
· Bob Brown who taught me the basics.
· Al Miller, a great drummer, terrific teacher and fine gentleman.
· Dom Famularo, who game me the needed direction.
· Jerry and Dennis Ricci, who give Long Island drummers endless opportunities to enhance their drum education.
· My drum students, who gave me a reason to write this book.
· My children, Joseph, Michael, David, and Dawn Marie who help me make life a joy.
· My wife and best friend, Roseann, to whom I DEDICATE THIS BOOK. Being the wife of a drummer is not an easy gig!

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